In June 1955, the organization of the 17th edition of the Olympic Games was assigned to Rome. Next came the building of the Olympic Village, which during the games in 1960 gave hospitality to more than 8000 athletes and journalist. The project was a part of the works done in Rome for the 1960 Olympics, in an area originally meant to be a public park by the city urban plan, which included the hovels of Campo Parioli, close to the Tiber and the Foro Italico.

The whole area was turned into residential zoning in order to built the houses first for the athletes and eventually for the citizens. The families of Campo Parioli were moved to the non-central areas of the city and the INCIS (Istituto Nazionale per le Case dei Lavoratori dello Stato) appointed to the most notably Italian architects such as Amedeo Luccichenti, Vincenzo Monaco, Adalberto Libera and Luigi Moretti to plan and complete the housing project.

Collective project developed with Alessandro Dandini De Sylva, Antonello Mazzei, Federico Ciamei, Marco Rapaccini, 2010