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“The sequence of photographs is put together with the rhythm of a family diary […] the photographer becomes a non -intrusive “absent presence”, who moves in other people’s spaces, making her a privileged witness to little moments of private life. […] Calvelli has chosen a fluid language, which has nothing to prove, entering and leaving the pictures with the vagueness peculiar to fragments of reality for shreds of memory.”

Exerpt from G. Calvenzi, “Photography, commitment, poetry”

Pictures by Eleonora Calvelli
Design by Chiara Capodici, Fiorenza Pinna
Essays by Claudio Rossi Marcelli, Giuseppina La Delfa, Tommaso Giartosio, Giovanna Calvenzi Published by Postcard on September 2013

First Edition of 1000 Softcover with flaps
Size 21x22cm
116 pages
92 color photographs
ISBN 978-88-98391-06-6

Price EU 25,00